Where the Europeans talk about Cybersecurity


Opening Session Report

For an efficient and dynamic transformation of the energy sector (including the transport of energy), Europe needs more cooperation between members States, European Union and neighbour States to ensure an increased level of digital security. “We have to work at transversal level in energy sector and all sectors using Information and Communication Technologies”. (Dominique Ristori, […]

First roundtable Report: Cybersecurity of critical energy infrastructure

We are so dependent on the energy sector, that if we experienced a three-day long outage, people would start killing each other to survive. In the opinion of Pierre CALAIS, CEO at Stormshield, there are no major players of cybersecurity in Europe because they all stay on a local market perspective. That is why, in […]

Second roundtable Report: Cybersecurity challenges for Smart Grids

Klaus-Dieter BORCHARDT, Director Internal energy market at EU Commission’s DG Energy, explained that monitoring and maintenance, repair and management, are vitals! “We have no time for an international agreement and institutional discussions, we need actions“. Some States are prepared to scenario A, meanwhile other States are getting prepared for scenario B. How can we be […]