Where the Europeans talk about Cybersecurity

Opening Session Report

For an efficient and dynamic transformation of the energy sector (including the transport of energy), Europe needs more cooperation between members States, European Union and neighbour States to ensure an increased level of digital security.

We have to work at transversal level in energy sector and all sectors using Information and Communication Technologies”. (Dominique Ristori, Director General for Energy, European Commission)

To associate energy and digital issues requires new capacities to insure balance between data protection and cybersecurity. Efficiency in the transport of energy alongside with cybersecurity is as dynamic as the digital transformation.

Member states must improve their response capacity to cyberthreats both at a national and European level, by developing a strong coordination with EU.

In order to have an efficient response and a coordinate action, we have to work together for a greater cybersecurity“. (Morten Helveg-Petersen, MEP)


To build resilience means a whole new approach of cybersecurity by giving ENISA greater capacities and by expanding sensitization for all the European citizens, from primary school to managing boards and CEOs. Cybersecurity is an educational matter and comes with a large plan to build new skills and trust at European level.

There is a low level of trust between States in the cyber security field. We need to develop in the months and years to come a cyber security culture and sensitisation actions“. (Pilar del Castillo, MEP)

The scenario of a major blackout resulting from a giant cyberattack is not just a nightmare, it is possible. Cyberattacks should be expected in all fields of our activity, and could go from free elections to war. We must ask ourselves what Europe can do today against cyberattacks and cyberthreats and how we can be protected. All sectors are vulnerable to cyberattacks and we should be prepared to more and harder cyberattacks in the years to come.

The major challenges of cybersecurity for our economic sectors is to admit our weaknesses and to search for help where it is“. (Jerzy Buzek, MEP)

An evolution of the NIS directive could allow new capacity building for the European Union.

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