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Second Edition on Transportation

A European Cyber Day on transportation sector


WannaCry must have been the most important wake-up call about cybersecurity all around the world.

The challenges are clearly important in the transportation sector : what if someone could take the control of any subway ? What if the circulation regulation in any big city was going down ? What about the safety of connected vehicles ? Last but not least, what about the airport of the future ?

Of course all these stakes are already taken care of in most of the countries but regulation has to be achieved in a new european and international level to be efficient. The second edition of the European Cyber Day will be the occasion for the Europeans to talk about cybersecurity in this particular sector.

The agenda is currently in preparation. ECDII is coming !

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Registration fees will be around 250€ HT (including all the networking times)


It's too soon to register but you may come back on january to have more informations.